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St. Bernadette´s Civil Association In Peru:


 It is a nonprofit institution that works to promote the Human Rights of children, offering all its services free to all children from different districts of Lima, Peru.



Our main goal is to provide a welcoming space where they feel valued as individuals and be able to enjoy their childhood, while growing in self-esteem, an appreciation of their own and others rights and values, while being able to discover their potential through play,  studies, art, dialogue, etc...



PSYCHOLOGY:  Specializing in individual and family psychotherapeutic care, assessment, diagnosis, vocational guidance and counseling.

SOCIAL WORK: Care, guidance and referral of cases to specialized social centers campaigns Identity and birth Documents etc.


SPEECH THERAPY: Detection, diagnosis and treatment of language disorders, counseling and referral to interdisciplinary support.

CHILD DEFENSE DESK:  Intended to promote the defense of the rights of children as regards the law, as well as offering advice in cases of child abuse and family violence.




PSYCHOLOGY:  Promotes motor skills/coordination, spatial motion, visual perception and discrimination of shapes is developed.                         



CARPENTRY: Offers practical experience working with wood.


ARTS & CRAFTS: Develops manual and creative skills in the development of different skills, making stuffed animals, wallets, bracelets, aprons, key chains, etc.,


MUSIC: Training with musical instruments perception, understanding, and creating and improvising music


DANCE, BREAK DANCE & DRAMA: Promotes cultural identity through folkloric dance from different regions of our country.


DRAWING AND PAINTING: learning techniques and expression of creativity embodied in drawings and painting




LIBRARY:  support in primary and secondary school work with trained and updated books, reading room and computers with internet to do their homework and further study.


ASSISTANCE: Volunteers and aids help the children with there homework after school and during their visit to the St Bernadette Youth Center. They coordinate activities and get feed back from the children. 


GAMES AREA: Suitable for all children with educational games, board games and free spaces with open activities.    





St.Bernadette Civil Association

AA.HH 3 de Mayo Mz F2 Lt 1 Cmt 7

San Martin de Porres, Peru


Please visit our web site in Peru:






Learning to Live In Freedom with responsibility


The best gift for your child is called “TIME” with his/her parents.........





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