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Children's Center:

en Our main objective is to provide safe and caring environment for the children of the immediate area, irrespective of race and creed. An environment where they can grow and learn to appreciate themselves and others as valuable members of society, while at the same time being able to enjoy their childhood through play and many different activities 

offered. Our hope is that when these children are parent they will be able to pass on what they have gained through their experience in the Center

Remedial School:


Through our work with children who live in poverty you can observe immediately the difficulties they confront in their daily life, not least of all an indifference to the mistreatment that many of them suffer, which leaves them below the level of normal development for their age. 

​Because of this problem many children have to repeat a year in school and when this becomes a pattern they are not allowed to enroll the following year, thus losing their opportunity of gaining an education.

Children's Home:

en Casa Hogar was started because there was a need for a safe place for abused children. It is a divided into a section for teens and a section for five to eleven year old children. The home is staffed with psychologists and aids to help the children overcome. There is family counseling and the ultimate goal is to return the child to their family and to remove the perpetrator of abuse. 

Financial Assistance:


It is our goal to help Fr. Coney by financial support of the programs he already has but also help him expand to include a greater portion of the Northern part of Lima. There is a great number of children who benefit from education and the love of caring volunteers. Families benefit from the care and assistance to their children.​ There is a great resource of children who therefore will grow up to be productive and caring adults to be God’s children. 

Visitors and Volunteers Involvement:


We want visitors and volunteers to go see Fr. Tony Coney St Bernadette Children's Projects in Peru. Visitors will broaden their horizons and experience another culture and become ambassador for the project here in the USA. Visitors also at the same time can experience some of the beauty of the Andes Mountains and learn some of the culture of Peru. There will be specific criteria for people who want to volunteer and help in Peru.

Children involvment:


​We are hoping to get the children in St John Fisher School involved with the children in Lima Peru by making pen pals through the St Bernadette Youth Center. This to broaden the awareness of other cultures and languages. 


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