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How to help:

    This project is to financially help the St Bernadette Childrens Project in Lima Peru. You can donate by clicking the donation button below which takes you to Faith Direct donation and selecting the

St Benadet Mission to Peru. If asked for the Church code use

CA436. Here you can either make a repeating monthly donation or a one time donation. 

    You can also write a check to SJF Mission Circle #272 and mail it to:    St John Fisher Church,

        Attention: Carl Mossberg,

        5448 Crest Rd. Rancho Palos Verdes CA 90275.

Security and Rduced Cost:

   Using the Fairh Direct web site for donations makes it the most secure way of donation to the St Bernadette Mission to Peru. This way it will be an aproved tax deduction through the St John Fisher Church Mission Circle #272 which is recognized by the Los Angeles Archdiocese. It is a not for profit Organization.

   The benefit also is that there is no service charge taged on.  That means that every dollar donated goes to the Mission Beeing supported. The costs of administration is supported privatly by the members who set up the Mission Circle.


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