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We want visitors to go see Fr. Tony Coney St Bernadette Children's Projects in Peru. Visitors will broaden their horizons and experience another culture and become ambassador for the project here in the USA. Visitors also at the same time can experience some of the beauty of the Andes Mountains and learn some of the culture of Peru.  

There will be specific criteria for people who want to volunteer and help in Peru. 

Fr. Coney is more than happy to welcome volunteers but this is going to mean interacting with the children in all the projects and speaking Spanish. It will mean committing time and doing some work at the projects helping to teach and spending time with the children.




If you would be willing to help us spread this to the Peruvian community and others in the USA. This would involve spearheading a project in your church or community or family. Informing others of the web site and how they can donate financially to help Fr. Coney to with the St Bernadette Children's Project in Lima Peru. 

Just want to be kept informed about what we are doing. Send a message via the contacts and we will add your email to our mailing list. 

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